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VMware VeloCloud IPFIX support For NTA Netflow monitoring.


We currently had to cancel a SD-WAN Velo cloud rollout project due to SolarWinds not having the support to read the IPFIX Netflow flows being sent to it. We use SolarWinds as our core monitoring system and it has been huge disappointment to find out SolarWinds dones not support IPFIX Netlow templates from next gen Velo SD-Wan solutions. Giving that a lot of companies in my country are starting to move over to a SD-WAN solution it will be beneficial for SolarWinds to have support for SD-WAN Velo cloud as its becoming a stable go to solution.

I would like to request for Velo cloud IPFIX support so it can be used to display Netflow stats on Solarwinds NTA.

Full article stating its not supported

Case number we had logged with solarwinds: 01097095