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over 1 year ago

New Netflow templet/record for Cisco 5520 and 3504 WLC


The older Netflow record name for the Cisco 5508 and 2504 WLCs is "ipv4_client_app_flow_record".  But with the new WLC platforms and starting at 8.5.x, there is a new Netflow Record name.  The Record name is "ipv4_client_src_dst_flow_record".  So far, I see it on the two new WLCs of 5520 and 3504.  The new Netflow Record was a feature request for the Cisco Stealthwatch application to include source and destination.  I'm sure that it is on other newer Cisco platforms that can also use the new Netflow Record, but I do not have them in my environment.

So could we get a new Netflow for the Cisco WLCs?

Old = ipv4_client_app_flow_record
New = ipv4_client_src_dst_flow_record