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over 2 years ago

Need NTA Admin Role

NPM has a setting to Allow Node Management Rights and to Allow Report Management Rights. NCM has 5 roles, including Administrator. SAM has Admin and User roles. Please add this functionality to NTA so selected users can have Admin access to NTA settings without giving the user Administrator access to everything. For example, non-Administrator users of NTA may need to create IP Address Groups. Creation of these groups should not require Orion Administrator access as that is too much privilege to give for this purpose. NTA needs to have more granular access to settings.

  • I am also surprised that this has not been addressed yet.  It seems rather common sense that you'd want some users to have NTA admin rights without giving them Full Admin rights.  Is not like NTA is a new product in the SolarWinds tool suite. 

    Anyway, perhaps we need a few more votes before the developers take action.  So, please vote this idea UP.  ;-)

  • Please implement this now.  Thanks..

  • I'm so surprised that this isn't a thing, that I had to go into NPM and search out the User Setting regarding NTA.  And there's NO way to provide the granular rights you want!  Hmph!  With all of the options there, I expected there'd be a drop-down that offered multiple rights for NTA administrators.


    How did this fall through the cracks?

  • Has anything been updated for NTA specific admin priviledges?  I have users who need to manage flow sources, but clearly don't have a need to be a platform admin and between the documentation I can find and trial and error this still seems to be the only solution

  • I concur as well.  This will be important for me in a few months when I go to install this in production.  The "User Roles" slide in my presentation will look pretty weak with only one Admin line...