WLC & Netflow: No interfaces under NTA?

Hello all. We're running 2023.1.0 and I've recently pointed all my Netflow from a 5520 to NTA. I can confirm the flows are getting to NTA however the WLC interfaces discovered under NPM are not showing up in NTA. I'm also not seeing any data at the WLC Node level - AVC is enabled on each WLAN and the monitor was applied. I'm hoping someone might hep me understand what I could be missing here. I would greatly appreciate it.



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  • Hi Bolt,

    In the article say, device supports ipv4 flow record but sw does not support flow sampling on such devices. Its a bit confusing as flow data by default is 1:100 flow rate. (Sw will be receiving 100% of data from your device. Sw will not be able to parse it -- it will show a long flow error) 

    Anyway, i hope you,ve raise this to sw support for further clarification. This is also for them to check why netflow data does not display even the device is sending flows to your sw server.

    Share the result of your ticket ;-)