Any new ATM sub interface that I create does not appear on NTA. What could I be missing? Thank you for your time.

While sub-interfaces do appear, the ones I created do not. So I'm definitely missing something.

I create a new sub-interface for ATM 5/0/0. On this switch, we have flow-export set as the following:

ip flow-export source Loopback0
ip flow-export version 9
ip flow-export destination 2525 //SolarWinds. And remember that all other interfaces created before me work.

And then for the sub-interface that doesn't work, I ensured the following, which is how the working sub-interfaces appear in the running config:

ip flow ingress

When I run ping for a while, I will see this interface within the IP cache flow, but only briefly. I thought that if something appeared in the IP cache flow than the switch would send it out via Cisco Flow to the destination IP address being SolarWinds.

On SolarWinds NTA, it shows "dropped" for this particular interface.

Is there something I need to do in NTA to allow this sub-interface to display? On my Virtual machine, I set this up with a gigiabit interface, and it appeared in SolarWinds NTA rather quickly and automatically. Maybe ATM interfaces are different? I kind of doubt that though.

Thank you for your time!!

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