Network throughput/speed test


I am searching for a solution to test real available network throughput using Solarwinds in these scenarios:

A) Between my core network router and other devices/servers behind other routers in network.

B) Between Solarwinds Orion node and other devices/servers in my network.

Main goal of these tests would be to estimate realistic available network load when planning new services and applications in our network.

Below are some options that I found, but didnt test yet as I am keep searching for optimal solution for this feature so I would appreciate if we could discuss these options, or if you have some other suggestions:

1) Solarwinds Orion Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack - it states that one of use cases is "to test and monitor network throughput", but Im not sure how it works.

2) WAN Killer tool in SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset

3) Solarwinds IpMonitor download speed test - actual speed test, limited only to measure downloading traffic from device.