Failing to connect to SQL database for NTA install

In the process of a fresh install of NPM, NCM & NTA. Deployment includes dedicated server for Orion product installation and a dedicated server for SQL where there will be two databases, 1 for NPM, NCM and seperate one for NTA. Same database instance.

Whilst going through the configuration wizard, I am successful able to specify, connect and authenticate to the SQL Server for Orion to use. However when I try to authenticate to the same sql server for NTA Flow Storage, we get an error (screenshot attached).

What I've confirmed so far:
**DB account has public, ALTER ANY CONNECTION, dbcreator, sysadmin, securityadmin, db_owner permissions.
**DB account login tested using SQL Management Studio from within the Solarwinds server itself.
**No firewall is in between the Solarwinds server and SQL database
**DNS names are correctly being resolved by either server

Unsure why the solarwinds server can reach and authenticate to the SQL Server for the Orion Database but not for NTA.

Please note:
**Same SQL instance is being used for NPM, NCM & NTA
**SQL Server is Windows Server 2019
**Installation of the Orion Products NPM, NCM, NTA is non-system d:\ drive
**NPM website root directory is on C:\InetPub\SolarWinds

Please assist. Case has been raised but no response so reaching out the thwack with the hope that someone else has encountered something similiar and knows a way forward.

Thank you!!