Netflow URLs to widgets - how to create them

Do you want to go direct to the charts for traffic to an IP, or application?  The following URL formats I found out when working on my F5 Dashboard.  I wanted to put in some interactivity  - when clicking on a virtual server would show you the Netflow app and conversation widgets.

I also wanted to put in some direct links to save people opening up the main Netflow pages, and searching.

Lookup traffic to/from an IP for the last 2Hrs –


If you can't see it, each octet of the IP address gets converted to a 3 digit number, and all the dots get revoved.  You can do this with SWQL, though it takes several steps.  (see my F5 dashboard code for an example of how I create this URL)

Lookup traffic to/from an IP group (IP group 4):


This was useful for a link to VPN traffic.  Just create the group, note the ID, then put it in the link.

Top 5 applications for the IP Group (IP Group 4)


Similar to the above.

Detailed page for traffic passing through an interface


Replace 9999 with the interface ID.