NTA 95th percentile report

Hello all,

I have a customer that we sell netflow too and provide support. They have requested a monthly report showing the 95th percentile of bandwidth utilisation.

We have provided 95th % charts which is per interface, unfortunately they do not provide the break down of which IP's behind the interface are taking up the most bandwidth. The customer is happy that they can find out what level of utilisation is being hit but now they would like to understand which IP's specifically are taking up the most traffic so changes can be made to reduce an endpoints consumption.

I've been onto SW support who say this report is not a feature in NTA currently and this would be the best place to ask as some community members may have already customer built a report like this. I had a go at building a report but quite honestly I feel I'm out of my depth a little and unfortunately the customer is pressing for time! As always

Thanks in advance