Top XX application per interface

Hello Everyone,

Since this is my first post Good morning/afternoon.

Do you know by chance how to make a widget (graph) that will show you TOP XX applications per interface.

My goal is to have single dashboard that will have multiple widgets with TOP XX application for given interface.



  • Assuming you are running one of the recent versions you could use the Perfstack feature to build your widget

    Go to My Dashboards > Home > Performance Analysis

    + Add entities, hit the drop down at the top that says Node and change it to Interfaces, then find the netflow sources you are looking for and add them.

    Click an interface in the left column, it will list off all the available metrics in the second column. You would be looking for Netflow Conversation > Bytes (we want netflow applications but this is actually a display bug that should get fixed in a later release).  Drag that row onto the chart area to the right, repeat for all the other interfaces and you would end up with something like this.  Save the whole deal, then go to the view you want to add the widget to, it will be in the list under whatever name you gave it when you saved.


  • Hey.

    Thanks for info its definitely useful but not what I am looking for.

    On the screen below you can see 2 widgets I already have so first from the left is current line utilization then second shows you more historical data and i would like to have the third that will show something like on the second screen so the netflow graph. Trick is that on this single Dashboard i would like to have more then one interface ( few key sites)

    So when one look in to it she or he may see:

    1) what is the current utilization

    2) what is more historical one

    3)what is eating my line.


  • Hmm...   Not sure how to do that offhand, most interface specific resources would be associated with an "interface details" page.   You'd need to be able to specify the interface within the resource and short of "Multiple Device Chart" and "Multiple UDP Pollers Chart", not sure of any resource that allows you to do that.

    Maybe a custom HTML resource utilizing an iframe in it that loads a page?   Not sure it would look that good though, or would be a lot of work to get rid of menu's/headers and such...    Not even sure it works, never tried it!

  • If using PerfStack is not an option, the custom HTML page with iframes might be a (albeit hacky) solution. You don't need to get rid of the headers if you use detached resources - on an NTA view click the name of the resource to open it as detached (alone on a blank page).

    Using Flow Navigator you would go to the interface details pages of the interfaces you care about and get the URLs of any detached resources you want.

  • Hello Maciek,

    Another approach could be to use reports where you can for example display top 5 applications for your nodes sorted by interfaces.

    Something like this report that I quickly build by modifying the oob "Top 100 Applications - Last 24 Hours"


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  • The chart I described is exactly the same data as the screenshot you posted, just laid out a little differently.

  • Unless you mean you want to combine multiple interfaces into a single widget to get an aggregate.   That's doable as well, I'd have to sit down at a computer and write the process out though.

  • But can i add this perfstack as a widget to my dashboard?

  • Yep, save anything you build in perfstack and then it will be added to the list of available resources/widgets on the view editing screens.

  • This is great, thank you. One question though. Its showing only Netflow data and I am looking in to NBAR2. ( Nbar is working on that device)