API for exposing data related to netflow reports presented in Solarwinds Netflow user console

Dear Thwack team

Does Solarwinds have a set of APIs to expose its reporting data so as to get consumed by another application (say written in Java) ?

For instance: One of the reports in Netflow is to show "Top 10 conversation" details and If we want the data to be consumed by another java based web application, does solarwinds have any REST API or SOAP or other APIs to expose its data based on some inputs (in this case the web application will provide input as "Top 10 Conversation" so as to get the data related to the report.

Please note that I have already tried SDK 1.8 version provided by Thwack and explored the options SWQL tool, however I did not find any straight forward API that can expose data related to each report present in netflow user console of Solarwinds. Please provide me the steps / documents to embed or retrieve the data related for Netflow reports shown in solarwinds user interface / console to another web application. A step by step documentation would be helpful.

I have created a solarwinds support ticket and it got closed with the answer indicating,  "Thank you for contacting Solarwinds Technical Support. For the SDK, all support for it is conducted through Thwack. Technical support is not provided for the SDK as this is external customization outside of the Orion console and as such support for it must go through Thwack.As such, we do not have any documentation to provide for it. There are a number of Thwack articles that you can review as well as request assistance on Thwack for how to utilize it."

So anyone from Thwack can provide assistance on this?

Thanks and Regards

Rajkumar V