NTA configuration questions

Hi All,

I have some very basic questions pertaining to NetFlow Traffic Analyzer and neither the documentation, provided as part of Beta Eval, nor anywhere in this forum seems to address them. The questions follow:

1. In a Layer-3 switch with 24 ports, how many Interface licenses we’d need in order to get NetFlow data? Does this depend on the number of ports we wish to monitor traffic to and from? Or will that simply be the Total number of Ports (24 in this example).
2. If I need to gather NetFlow data from a router with 3 interfaces and I am monitoring only 2 interfaces within Orion NPM, will I still see the third interface within NetFlow stats – I understand not. Then how many interface licenses do I need? And do I still need to enable NetFlow on all 3 interfaces in the router?
3. How much UDP traffic will be generated as a result of collecting NetFlow data over and above the regular traffic?
4. A lot has been said about extra resource requirements (CPU, Memory, Disk space) on the database server for NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. How about resource requirements on the Layer-3 device’s end?

Thanks in advance!
  • The number of licenses needed will be the number of ports that you wish to monitor traffic to/from.

    You will only see the traffic going to/from the 2 interfaces that you’re monitoring. If traffic is going in an interface that you’re monitoring but out the interface that you’re not, you won’t see the data

    Denny LeCompte
    Sr. Product Manager, Orion