Cisco 3750 Netflow support

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I'm confused regarding the Netfow support by Cisco 3750 series switchs, all official documents either from Cisco or Solarwinds reports that Netflow is not supported by Cisco 3700 series and some where 3700 support V9 instead of 5 and 6 generally used!!! but on the demo I can see one 3725 integrated on NTA.

Could some one confirm that 3700 support Netflow and can be integrated into NTA, if so, is there any IOS limitation?

Also I will appreciate if I Solarwinds guys can share the configuration used for this node witch is already integrated into NTA.

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    Flexible NetFlow is supported only on the Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X switch running the IP base or IP services feature set and equipped with the network services module C3KX-SM-10G.  It is not supported…