Netflow Reporting for data usage


Recently our billing team has asked me if its possible to use NTA for creating usage report on each active sub-interfaces.

The report should include the following tables:

Date, Source IP, Destination IP, Port, Bytes

We have 180 Cisco 3800/3900 series with an average of 50 sub-interface per router.

NTA Database is set to 240 mins uncompressed as we use this option often when a location is near 100% WAN utilization.

Is there some reporting tool or 3rd party application that I can use to grab NTA data from the SQL database before compression is applied after 240 mins and aggregate all data every day, creating a report for our billing team?

  • Hello Pvaldes, How frequently do you want to run the report?

    In the interim the short answer is:  “Not at this time”, we don't know of any 3rd party tool that would do what you are looking for.

    Long-ish answer: After talking with a few folks over here perhaps the best solution for you would be to create a SQL job that runs every hour to grab the data for you that can then run a report on OR look at modifying the “top 100 conversations including applications” report. By default that report uses data from the summary tables, it is possible to modify the SQL view dbo.NetflowSummary so that it will also return the detailed data. This data is used only for reports so it wont impact anything else. The impact on the SQL DB performance could be significant, but only at the time when the report is being generated.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply...

    Any chance of someone showing me how to setup a SQL script to getting a report generated from netflow that will look like the attached PDF report?

    5 columns

    Internal Address (Inside Local NAT Address) | Date | Download | Upload | TOTAL (Download/Upload)