Netflow Custom reports


I am looking for building a custom report that provides me the below information from the netflow i am collecting on my Cisco ASA:

1. Transmitter Full Hostname
2. Receiver Full Hostname
3. Application Port Number
4. Total Bytes (Kbytes)

I try to get help from support, but they came back saying that they don't support custom reports. So i think any one of you can help me in building a SQL query to get this info. I am not a SQL guy so couldn't get this done that easy.

Any help will be appreciated.



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  • Hi Steve,

    Did you mean transfer rate for actual day?What is time range?


    Regards radekn

  • yes i do mean the transfer rate. We are currently testing the trial version of NTA and we are monitoring a network. The problem we are having is that in order to get the bandwidth usage for the application at different interval throughout the day, we have to manually select the netflow interfaces one by one and then view the app usage that those interface.  We would like to create a report that shows the transfer rate at various intervals throughout the day for a particular application on certain interfaces. The only drawback to NPM n NTA is that the reports do not show a graph of the data which other managements system that we have tested provide for us.

    Our customers like to see a graph whenever they generate reports.

  • Hi Steve,

    did you mean the report like in attachment?

    You can create copy of each resource (customize page) and via Edit button it can be customized for specific time period.

    regards radekn