NTA Flow Database analsys Retention Period is full?

Does anyone know this message means? I got it from Settings->NTA->Database Size:->Calculate tool.  Copy/paste is below.  I was checking to see how many days of space that I had remaining.

Current size: 

131.9 GB 
Projected size:

Based on the current database size and retention period

Retention period is full, see the current database size.
  • The wording can a bit confusing.  All this means is that the database size includes all the data that the retention period is set for.

    If the size of the database did not include all the data for days the retention period is set for the message would like the screenshot below.

    There is only 15 days worth of data in the database.  The retention is set for 30 days.



  • That makes sense now. I originally read that as "you will run out of storage space in 15 days."  I was monitoring it weekly since we did run out storage twice since I installed NTA a few months ago. Based on this new information, what it is telling me is that the database size is now reasonably stable . Every day one day's worth of data will be purged due meet the 30 day retention period.

    With that knowledge, I'll stop checking the db size every week and I should not need to.