Come to the group here as well.

Ok so here is the run down .. also opened up a support ticket but figured might be quicker here.

Server A - Main Orion server

Server B - Web server

Server C - Additional poller and Netflow DB

So we have been struggling to get Netflow up and running ( old version of NTA installed and bam had netflow coming in ) so besides that .. we decided to uninstall everything to make sure we installed correctly. We followed the instruction in the admin guide and uninstalled from Server A and Server B and went to reinstall it i have to be in some strange loop ..

I went to install the flow database on server C again and it went to install the poller and thinks the flow database is already installed , when to the main server and tried to install it thinks the flow database is already installed as well .. of course when i test the connections it doens work because i removed everything .. but something on these 2 servers is confused .. any thoughts

NPM 10.7 RC and NTA 4