Netpath Service Question


I have node in each of our data centers setup to be used as a Netpath Probe and Netpath service. 

When I did the last update one of these nodes was stuck at updating agent. To fix this I changed monitoring over to WMI, removed the agent from the node, let it sit for 10 mins, then change monitoring over to agent, agent installed and happy.

The Probes that we setup for this node all came back fine. 

The node also was a service to the other data center so we could have Netpath between the two. 

If I try to setup the same probe as a service it says the service already exists but I am not sure where to find the service.  This seems to be something easy but I cannot figure out right now. 

Can I just delete the service out of the DB using the database manager? Or am I missing where I can find this service.

Thanks - Dave