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Finding source of mapping conflict

I have a mapping conflict that I can not find the source of the conflict.

Query  LogglyNotifications.type:"MappingConflict"

Result: lots and lots of records with, as far as i can see, the same format for the part killed.

{"text":["setting values: ",{"Frequency":2412,"IP":"","SSID":"**********","SignalStrength":-35,"Ping":31,"AndroidId":"230c993fad192f76","Version":"1.5.2","BuildNumber":"152","BuildId":"PPR1.180610.011"}],"displayName":"Remove Me","uid":"am--------nvmE8rLUHynFSRi92","sessionId":"cbf1de71-77f8-441b-81a6-623f232b9ac3"}

Message is : Field originally sent as one type and later sent as new type. Removed field causing conflict: json.text

What happens: the 'settings values" are not saved/indexed.  I only get the tag, displayName, uid, sessionid, and the http parts.

I can't find any entries that follow a different pattern or have any strings where i have numbers in the example.