Loggly: What We're Working On (Updated On August 7, 2020)

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APM Integrated Experience: You have told us how important it is to have an integrated APM solution that provides metrics, traces, and logs. To maximize your observability, it also needs to include end-user experience monitoring. We've been listening, we've made progress, and we are working on integrating Pingdom now!

Learn more about our APM Integrated Experience

Log Filtering - We will provide the ability for users to gain more granular control over variations in log volume and value in order to help them enrich their logs with contextual data without accepting the high cost of indexing. 

Log Explorer - We are also working on a complete UI Re-design to help users seamlessly troubleshoot and explore their log data. This will further make Loggly simple and easy to use. 

Log Rehydration - Incentivize users to retain fewer log events within the loggly platform by providing the ability to rehydrate via an archive (Eg: AWS S3 bucket) when needed. This will enable users to decrease their retention period across all their log sources to further reduce costs. 

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