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over 2 years ago

Provide More Log Manager Variables For Alerts (ie. Tags)

I was working on an alert, which came from a Log Manager rule, when I noticed I could not find some of the data I was needing to work with. Specifically, I was creating an action to send to the event log, and I could not find the variable for the message tag. I was able to add the node caption, as well as the syslog message, however, no tag variables appear to be listed. So, I would like to see a variable to call the tag data. (Maybe just make variables to call all the data, like the rest of the modules?)

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  • Please please provide this functionality! providing detail of the log is key for effective escalation, clicking on the alert URL gives no real information to work with and will require further sorting inside the Log Manager interface or the server itself thus creating undesired manipulation and defeating mostly the purpose of the email at all..

    Please allow the message to pass through the Processing Rule to the Alerting Engine as a variable.