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over 2 years ago

Provide More Log Manager Variables For Alerts (ie. Tags)

I was working on an alert, which came from a Log Manager rule, when I noticed I could not find some of the data I was needing to work with. Specifically, I was creating an action to send to the event log, and I could not find the variable for the message tag. I was able to add the node caption, as well as the syslog message, however, no tag variables appear to be listed. So, I would like to see a variable to call the tag data. (Maybe just make variables to call all the data, like the rest of the modules?)

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  • Agree- need more features like the last one

  • Bumping - I'd like to be able to get the LogEventID and the DateTime for the log message as well.

  • I'm running into this requirement a lot more now that people are upgrading NPM and moving over to Log Manager. There needs to be a way to easily reference the log variables and more specific information about the message (e.g. trap varbinds).

  • I think the variable, ${N=OLM.AlertingMacros;M=OLMAlertMessage.EventMessage} might be what you are looking for. There's just not a way of parsing it into individual variables.


    For clarification, are you talking about the varbinds in a trap being made available to the alert as individual variables (E.g. varbind 7 is assigned its own variable)? Or are you talking about the tag you apply in the rule configuration?

    We can already use the variable "${N=OLM.AlertingMacros;M=OLMAlertMessage.EventMessage}", but that brings the ENTIRE syslog or trap message into the alert. We need to be able to parse the message into variables, specifically the trap varbinds.