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over 2 years ago

Change Log Manager Licencing Model

Log Manager for Orion comes in two flavors.

1. A free basic edition that provides basic syslog and trap monitoring that will cover most of the existing functionality with the legacy Syslog and Trap Views that were included with NPM.

2. An enhanced edition supporting charting, live-mode, tagging/filtering, event, alert integration, and more as they develop the product.

The problem we have is having a paid-for enhanced edition, will exclude the free basic functionality if you have nodes beyond your licencing limit. If you hit your license limit, you will not be able to add any additional nodes and therefore logs will be automatically discarded until you free up some licenses or upgrade to a higher tier. There is no "Unlimited" licencing for Log Manager for Orion.

This product looks great, but we require the existing functionality of basic syslog and trap alerting (along with Real-Time Configuration Change Detection) for all nodes regardless of if they are licenced or not.

Please change the licencing model to allow a Hybrid licence for having some nodes allowed to use the enhanced functionality and all others to use the basic functionality.