We would like to get Syslogs from 2500 devices into the SolarWinds Platform. What are our options?

From what I can tell, Log Analyzer has a license limit of 1000 nodes. We have 2500 devices that we need to have syslogs and traps sent from. Using the OVA license (with our unlimited NTA license) we should be able to receive messages from all devices without log data being discarded. (How Log Analyzer (LA) and Orion Log Viewer (OLV) licensing works in the Orion Platform (solarwinds.com)

Is there an option to upgrade to LA when you need data from more than 1000 nodes?

Ideally we would like to use Log Analyzer for our Windows Nodes and continue still get all the syslog and trap data from our 2500 network devices.

  • Hi,

    There isn't a limit to the number of nodes. LA does have a limit of about 1000 EPS (events per second). The performance of the GUI can be impacted by your retention period and hardware, so you might need to try out different configurations to meet your needs. 

    Pollers have a limit of about 500 agents per poller. 


  • Thank you for the reply.  I don't see an option for LA above 1000 nodes. Is there an unlimited node licence class? Syslog and traps don't use the agent for the network gear so I think we are good there, and we can spread out any windows nodes to make sure no more then 500 per APE.

  • No unlimited version.  Work with your account executive or salesperson on options for LA. 

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