Can Log Analyzer Fetch Log from Windows Based Application?


We have a 3rd Party application which runs on a Windows Server and creates its own log files with a .log format.

If we bought the Log Analyzer would it be able to fetch this log (the log updates real time) from the Windows Server and we could then set alerts if an error occurred in the log?

Basically the application writes to the .log file and we need to be able to check it regularly for a specific error in the log and if the error is logged in the .log file, be alerted to it.


  • Yes, this is exactly what LA's Log Files feature does. You can be alerted based on severity or message content (message = one line of the log file).

    If you use the free version, which is a part of e.g. NPM, NCM, ... you have the option to activate full LA 30 day trial. If you don't like it and you decide not to buy LA, your Orion will continue working as it was before.