Creating a new Alert instance for different Alert messages

I want to get Oracle OEM Traps for different OEM nodes, and different issues on those OEM nodes as individual alerts in solarwinds so that each alert can create an incident.

I have configured a Log Analyser rule that catches for the OID from oracle and that works great.

I have configured an alert that fires whenever the rule is hit and that works great.

I have configured the alert message to be NODE: PROBLEM, ie serverA: memory utilisation at 99%

My issue is that the same alert is overwritten, so rather than 3 individual alerts for say

serverA: memory utilisation at 99% - generating incident 001

serverB: CPU at 100% - generating incident 002

serverC: database down - generating incident 003

I get one alert that the message keeps changing - generating incident001 that keeps getting updated for multiple problems on multiple machines.

How do I get individual alerts for different alert messages - ie say that the key for the alert includes the alert message?


  • How are the traps being received? Does each device send to SolarWinds or does a central node forward on behalf of multiple nodes?

    I assume the Alert is reporting on the Node?

    From the information above, it seems like a central node is reporting on behalf of multiple servers, hence why it keeps retriggering the existing alert.