upgrading from 2018.H6 to 2020 will LA automatically install?

planning an upgrade to 2020 in the next 30 days.

Does LA auto-install during the upgrade process?

We already have Splunk and LA looks to be SW version of splunk. Plus, I don't want all the syslog info blowing up the size of my SQL db.  

Trying to keep things from breaking during my upgrade. This is a legacy system that has had 3 admins before me. I would like to keep the old legacy syslog/trap running as primary if possible.


  • You will be asked if you want to use OLM, which is a basic version of LA. You can say no and you will continue to use legacy syslogs and traps with some security fixes, but without any new features. Which is probably exactly what you want.

    Btw LA/OLM uses a different database from Orion. Both OLM and Orion databases can be installed on the same SQL server, but there is also an option of using a different SQL server for OLM database.

    There are pros and cons of using OLM. Probably the most important disadvantage is a different licensing (legacy can receive syslogs/traps from any node, while OLM can receive syslogs/traps only from nodes which are monitored in Orion). And I guess the most important advantage of OLM is configuration from website (no more VB6 apps on the Orion server) and integration with Orion alerting.