Log Analyzer seems to have a limit of 1000 entries per device, regardless of what retention is set for. Is this configurable?

I have several servers sending Windows events to LA, I have set the retention period for 30 days.  What I'm seeing is only 1000 records for any of those servers, and they typically only go back a day or two.  I'm really hoping this isn't some sort of hard and fast limit.  That would make the product pretty much a waste of $$

  • I should add - this is all I am able to actually view - the little number in LA next to the device shows way more than 1000 entries, I just can't see them

  • That's limit what you're able to see in the log entry list (with paging). If you zoom in the histogram, you will see again 1000 entries, but over a shorter period of time and eventually if you zoom more and more you will see what you need (when the range contains less than 1000 entries). However, there is a zoom limit to 1 second, so if you get more than 1000 entries per second, just zooming alone wouldn't help.

    You can combine zooming with using filters or search to get what you need.