Advanced syslog parser is dead... long live to Log Analyzer

Does anybody know if there is a way to represent data with Log Analyzer as it was done by the syslog advanced parser widget ?

Since our upgrade the networking team is still complaining about the missing widget they used to have... Any suggestions welcome.

  • A Log Summary dashboard, along with updated Node Details resources is something we are currently working on. I'll second Marc's comment above - if you could provide some screenshots of what you'd like to achieve it'd be great. Equally, if you'd like to set up a quick call to discuss further, just let me know.

  • Syslog and Trap widgets on nodes details page are not working after upgrading to OLV. Below are the names of widgets.

    - Node Related XX Syslog Messages

    - Last XX Syslog Messages

    - Last XX Trap Messages

    Does Solarwinds team have a plan to modify these widgets to use new log database?

  • Yes, we do intend to create some new out of the box widgets based on the new tables... In the meantime you can use a custom query widget and the example query below on your node details page. (stolen from wesleykparker​ in another thread)

    SELECT TOP 100 -- Edit this number for how many messages you want to load to widget (you can modify the widget for how many messages to page)

    let.Name AS [Message Type]

    ,Level AS [Severity]

    ,TOLOCAL(DateTime) AS [Log Time]

    ,SUBSTRING(Message,1,100) AS Message -- Edit the last number for how many characters of the message you want to see

    ,CONCAT('YOURORIONURLHERE','/ui/orionlog/logviewer/now/1hours/',${NodeID},'/syslog') AS _linkfor_Message --Replace YOURORIONURLHERE with the address ex:  ''

    FROM Orion.OLM.LogEntry le

    JOIN Orion.OLM.LogEntryType let ON le.LogEntryTypeID = let.LogEntryTypeID

    WHERE NodeID = '${NodeID}'

    --AND le.Message LIKE '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' -- Remove The -- From beginning for the "Search SWQL Query" Box


  • I actually happened to be loading up my custom widgets for this use case into a client environment when I noticed this thread got updated.  This is the SWQL I use, a little bit less leg work for the end user and it attempts to clean up some of what makes traps super ugly

    SELECT MessageDateTime

    , let.Name as Type

    ,substring(Message,1,charindex('sysuptime',message)-2) as Message

    , '/ui/orionlog/logviewer/now/24hours/${nodeid}/'+let.Name as [_linkfor_Message]

    FROM Orion.OLM.LogEntry le

    join orion.olm.logentrytype let on let.logentrytypeid=le.logentrytypeid

    join orion.olm.MessageSources ms on ms.MessageSourceID = le.MessageSourceID

    where le.nodeid=${nodeid}

    and messagedatetime > addday(-1, getdate())

    --and message like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'

    order by MessageDateTime desc

  • When?  its been months since you posted this and still nothing....  LA is terrible

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