is Solairwinds can monitor Grass Valley products (broadcast TV equipment )

is Solarwinds can monitor Grass Valley products (broadcast TV equipment )

like Routers , XVP cards , Marinda items


  • Perhaps Grass Valley is not natively supported, but I took a look at Grass Valley's own GV Guardian monitoring product to how it would handle same tasks, and according to specs GV-G uses SNMP, RMON, WMI and Syslog to monitor broadcast gear.

    ...Orion NPM+LA could definitely handle most of that on its own.  SNMP MIBs for GV gear might be tricky.

    Perhaps someone who knows for sure may chime in next...

    Or it might be good to just install a local NPM+LA demo and see it for yourself to be certain.


  • like mentioned, as long as there is an interface that we can query, there is a possibility to monitor.

    Apart from SNMP I would also have a look into SAMs API Poller, when your devices have a REST API that you can query.

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