Kiwi Syslog Web Access - Logon Issue

I currently have a Case with SW and figured I'd bring it to this forum to see if anyone else has had the issue.  We upgraded to the latest version of Kiwi Syslog and now the Web Access login is broken.  The application hosted on our servers confirms that they are still collecting logs.  However, when we try to use the Web Access portal, the authentication method is broken.  Instead of just being able to insert our AD credentials at login, we're prompted for Windows Auth credentials first.  After you log in that way, you then get to log into the Web Portal.  The previous and expected behavior is just go to the URL and insert our AD credentials and get access to the site.  If we disable windows auth in IIS, the page can't load at all getting errors.

  • The newer version of Kiwi Syslog web access requires HTTPS and used IIS instead of ultidev.

  • You are absolutely correct. My purpose for this post is to provide a heads up and inquiry if anyone found a workaround. SW engineering is currently working on this issue, as it has affected others as well. We migrated to IIS over the UltiDev tool when I upgraded both of our Syslog instances to the previous version and had 0 issues. Upon upgrading to the latest and greatest, we noted 2 new issues (we made no changes to IIS settings) that generated cause for concern: (1) users could not log into the Web Access with the site form unless they entered their AD credentials, and (2) the application console was reflecting that it's capturing logs, however, the Web Access site stayed in a state where it's hours behind.

    As I mentioned to support, I tried editing the IIS logon caller with different options to see its behavior and there was no change. Currently, all of us have to RDP into the server to get up-to-date logs because Web Access does not reflect current logs.