remote Log forwarder messages not received

Every thing listed is in evaluation mode - this is a proof of concept set up.

Kiwi syslog server:

Installed software: Kiwi syslog server,  solar winds log forwarder, Windows server 2019; firewall disabled.

The syslog server can receive it's own test messages (file/send test message to local host); and receive both windows event log messages defined in the subscription, and log forwarder test messages.
The whole system, both server and log forwarder; seem to be functioning satisfactorily.

Target system:

Installed software: WSUS, SQL, Solarwinds log forwarder, Solarwinds syslog message generator, firewall disabled.

The syslog message generator can successfully connect to the syslog server, on both UDP and TCP; and test messages are received 

However, no messages are received from the monitored event logs, not are test messages generated by the the log forwarder recieved.

Any advice?

  • Update:
    In desperation I deployed another, fresh VM, ran windows update, installed the log forwarder and it worked right out of the box.
    This sent me back to my original test target machine, the WSUS server.

    Here's the fix:
    The Kiwi syslog message generator kills the kiwi log forwarder service on win2019. You can't have them both open while configuring or testing.

    As soon as I closed the syslog message generator, the log forwarder worked.

    That only took a day to find out.... Can I extend the eval period? :)