Kiwi not showing incoming syslog messages

Kiwi not showing syslog messages despite packets coming in as seen by Wireshark. I tried both the free and the eval, no difference in functionality. I did add the allowed input by IP in the Free edition. Is there anything most people miss? Software firewall is off.

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  • You can change this to allow oversize messages in Setup under 'Modifiers'.  Mine is set to 10240 and rarely have oversize messages reported.  You can look in the Help for 'Syslog Message Modifiers' to see what the default is.

    I do not recommend increasing the size if the KSS is accessible on the internet at all.

    Under Email configure the system to send the Syslog statistics email daily.  That will have a line that reports the number of oversize messages.  If the number is large increase the max message size until it drops to an acceptable level.

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