Filter Rules on specific IP

Is it possible to create a rule that filters on specific IPs that are listed in a file? I have about 100 IPs not in any specific range or orders that I need to save to a specific folder.  I know can create the rule and filter them but will have to do it for each one of them. Any ideas or suggestion on how I can go about this?

BTW I'm running 9.7


  • Are the IPs sequential,  Like 10.10.x.x?

  • I would use a script.  Put the IP address list into a text file, write the script to read the file into an array. Loop through the array to see if there is a match or not.  On a busy server this could be resource intensive.  

    Another option, if this doesn't need to be real time, is to write a script that would be run on a schedule and moves the files to the correct folder.  Log the files with the IP address as the file name using the auto split name value. This also would need the files to not be active so some log archive task would need to be in place. For example each day a 1am move the prior days files.