What We're Working On for Kiwi Syslog - Updated Jan 10th 2020

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  • Improved scale logging to SQL databases
  • Log forwarding to Loggly
  • Performance & Usability Enhancements
  • Windows Server 2019 Support

Top Replies

  • Any chance they can integrate an syslog web interface to the ORION core web menu, instead of opening up another browser tab?

  • Any possibility of a report writer coming out soon?

  • Hi

    Any news about Kiwi ? jeff.stewart

    Are you still PM ?

  • sja​, While Kiwi remains to be one of my favorite products, I'm no longer the PM.  jhynds​ is currently the PM for the kiwi products.  Did you have any specific questions or just looking for an update?

  • Yes  jhynds​ !!

    I sure like to see API integration from  Kiwi ->NPM

  • I see the title of this thread was changed to, "What Are We Working on for Kiwi Syslog - Updated Oct 3rd 2019"

    But I don't see any updates to this thread since 2018. jhynds​, could you please post the update you referred to as updated October 3, 2019? I'm sure that I and many other Kiwi Syslog users would be interested and excited to see what the updates will be. Thanks!

  • We are currently focused on performance and scale enhancements to Kiwi Syslog as well as several minor bug fixes. Is there any particular updates you'd like to see in the product?

  • jhynds​, "focused on performance and scale enhancements to Kiwi Syslog" -- OOooo! That sounds great. I am all for performance and scale enhancements.

    Anything I'd like to see? Well, yes... there are. Now I know Solarwinds has other logging programs (probably more than I can recall, LOL). So, how to keep Kiwi distinct from the others... not sure how many features you could put into Kiwi before it becomes the same product as the another. But seriously, here is my biggest want:

    I would like it if both Kiwi and Orion NPM could have the option, to store syslog and SNMP trap in the same SQL database which is separate from Orion NPM database. This would allow Kiwi to be the receiver of all things syslog and trap, thereby alleviating Orion from that burden. Since this would be the same database Orion uses, the logs would still be available from Alerts and Activities, still be able to included in Perf Stack, still be searchable and alert-able using Orion's engine. Basically, at the customer's option, they could use Kiwi Syslog stand alone, or as a performance improvement for Orion.

    I know some people do use Kiwi in conjunction with Orion, but there is a disconnect in that Kiwi keeps the logs separately from Orion. They being separate, that solution does not allow full Orion use of the logs that Kiwi Collects. I know, I know, Kiwi can forward all (or filtered) syslogs to Orion. That is good. But it still required the Orion engine to receive those forwarded log entries and put them in a database and that database is the same Orion NPM database. What I am suggesting is an option in Kiwi that Kiwi could take those logs and push them into an SQL database that Orion can access, without using any Orion performance to store them.

    If I'm off in my understanding about how the current version of Kiwi works with Orion, please feel free to correct me. It has been a long while since I touched our Kiwi server.

  • The scenario you describe is actually addressed by our Log Analyzer tool. It is an Orion module which offers tight integration with modules such as NPM, however it allows you to store your log data in a separate SQL database from Orion to alleviate the burden on the Orion database and allow for improved scale for log data. There is also a version of this tool called Orion Log Viewer which includes a subset of features but included with NPM. As you mentioned above, it allows you to leverage Orion alerting for syslog/traps and is also integrated with PerfStack.

    We have several Log Analyzer customers who also use Kiwi to act a filtration layer before those logs hit Orion. You can capture everything with Kiwi and setup forwarding rules to only pass important logs onto Orion.

    Hope that's a step in the right direction for you, I'd certainly encourage you to check out Log Analyzer. Any questions let me know.

  • I would like to see Powershell scripting support.