Kiwi Syslog Server 9.4.1 - Active Directory Settings

Has anyone configured Active Directory Settings in Kiwi Syslog Server 9.4.1?  Below are the available Active Directory Settings available in the Web Access interface under the Admin Tab.

  • Domain URL: <Free Form Box>  My domain prepopulated correctly.
  • Authentication Type: <Free Form Box>.  Is this supposed to be NTLM, Kerberos, etc?
  • User Groups: <Free Form Box>  Does the format need to be LDAP based?
  • I know this is a little outdated and old, but originally came to this thread hoping for an answer and it wasn't here.  Found the answer elsewhere and figured it would be helpful to share it for future reference.

    Domain URL:

    The Active Directory LDAP URL should enter here.  FQDN of domain controller - for example

    Authentication Type:

    If the field is blank, the application will treat it as ‘Secure’ - can be left blank

    User Groups:

    An administrator can restrict the access to Kiwi Web Access to a specific domain user groups. Multiple user groups can be provided over here (separated by ;).

    AD user group

    In order to login with AD credentials, you have to put in your domain\username as the login username in the web portal.  This will log you in, and set up a user account as a standard user.  If you want to setup a domain user account as an administrator, you can do so by going into the account maintenance, click add new account, set the username as domain\username, put in a temporary password, and apply the administrator role.  Once that is setup, the domain user can login as domain\username as an administrator.

  • Thanks for sharing , It works on my Kiwi Server

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