Setting Up Ubiquiti to send SNMP Traps to Kiwi

Hey All,


Kiwi server not receiving SNMP traps.


Having some issue getting Kiwi to communicate to Ubiquiti using SNMP. I have a USG Pro 4 Firewall along with 2 UAP-AC-Pro access points. These devices are managed via the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller. There is an option to enable SNMP inside the Unifi controller. I have enabled this option using the v1 and the community string "public". One thing I noticed in the Unifi controller is that there is no option to point the controller to the syslog/trap server IP address. Normally I see this option in most devices such as Cisco ASA's or Fortigate's. so this issue could very well be that I need to find out how this get's enabled on the Ubiquiti side of things.

That being said I can confirm the Kiwi server is receiving traps as I am able to send SNMP traps using a 3rd party application. This was to just test that the Kiwi server is actually listening.

Does anyone have any suggestions here or suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? I'm thinking that somehow I need to find out where the configuration changes need to be made in order to send SNMP traps to Kiwi IP address.

Thanks - Robert

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