audit sql transaction log

i have ms sql 2008 r2 express. can i use kiwi syslog server for tracking sql transaction log of my database and how? some guide or manual?


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  • The first question to answer is "is the SQL transaction log a text log file"? If so NXlog, and others, can read it into a syslog server.  From some quick searching it appears it is not an actual log file. It seems to be another, special, database table that is not designed for external uses.  I'm not a DBA and have never used SQL Server so this may not be 100% accurate.

    The second question is "what information are you trying to report on"? It may be possible to export the data via SQL commands but that's way outside my expertise.

  • the informations that i'm trying to report on: insert. update, delete in database. every changes in tables i need to send at the kiwi syslog server