Display original source of message when logs are aggregated through rsyslog server

I am hoping you can give me a hand with an issue that I am having. I have a number of servers in a DMZ that are logging to a central rsyslog server and then forwarding these messages to a KiwiSyslog server. Unfortunately when this happens all of the messages received by Kiwi are labelled with the hostname/ip of the rsyslog server and not their original source. I am unable to enable UDP Spoofing on the RSyslog server as the firewall will only allow traffic from this servers IP and not the spoofed addresses.

Take the following example:
InternalServer1 -> KiwiSyslogServer
-Kiwi is able to resolve the name of InternalServer1 and everything works fine.

DMZServer1 -> DMZRSyslogServer -> KiwiSyslogServer
-Kiwi is not able to resolve the name of DMZServer1 as the incoming messages are stamped with the IPAddress of the DMZRSyslogServer

I noticed in the help documents that there is the option to modify a message by processing it with a script. The example they give for "Fields.VarPeerAddress" is very similar to what we want to happen:

"Firewall device ( ---> First syslog collector ( ---> This syslog collector (
The Fields.VarPeerAddres value would be"

So would a script similar to the following work? Anyone have any experience with this?

"Function Main()
  ' Replace DMZServerIP with ActualSourceIP within the message hostname
Fields. = Replace(Fields., "", Fields.VarPeerAddress)
  ' Return OK to tell syslog that the script ran correctly.
Main = "OK"
  End Function"


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