Setting Up a Syslog Server

Dear All,

We are planning to setup a syslog server. i.e, move from Orion inbuilt syslog to kiwi syslog.

We are not utilizing orion inbuilt at this point to fullest. Just few devices are configured to send logs to this inbuilt syslog

We have around 5 devices per centers across 60 location (13 Countries)

1) 2 Routers

2) 1 Bandwidth Shaper

3) 2 Switch Stacks

4) 1 WLC with 10 APs minimum

Total=250 Devices.

I would like to what is the best approach.

1) How many syslog license i should be looking at?

2) What kind of server configuration is required ?

3) We need a log retention policy of 15 days. Should I consider to setup a DB to for log storage?

4) Can the Orion inbuilt syslog write messages to external DB storage

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