Announcing SolarWinds Kiwi Syslog Server 9.8.1 is now Generally Available!

We would like to announce the general availability of Kiwi Syslog Server version 9.8.1. This release contains following new features and improvements

  • New ASLR security support
    Kiwi Syslog Server now offers support of the ASLR (address space layout randomization) security technique. ASLR provides users with an even more secure environment and prevention of exploitative attacks.

    New TLS 1.3 protocol support
    Kiwi Syslog Server now offers support of the TLS 1.3 connection protocol for incoming messages. TLS 1.3 benefits users by providing faster service and reduced latency between connections

For information about installing Kiwi Syslog Server, see the Kiwi Syslog Server Installation Guide.
If you are upgrading from an earlier version, use the Kiwi Syslog Server Upgrade Guide to plan and implement an upgrade to Kiwi Syslog Server 9.8.1.

You can view the full set of release notes.

Download Kiwi Syslog Server 9.8.1 now from your customer portal.

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