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over 1 year ago

Extend the configuration box

Dear Support,

The start and running configuration of the switches is checked daily.
As there are some differences that can be ignored there is the possibility of "Ignore Text" in the Activity.

I fill the Ignore Text Box with:

<ntp clock-period|<! Last configuration change at|<! NVRAM config last updated|<! No configuration|!|<!|{certificate self-signed 01$}-{quit}|^certificate self-signed 01|{certificate self-signed 02$}-{quit}|^certificate self-signed 02|

In addition to the ones already configured above, I would like to extend it with:

{certificate ca 01$}-{quit}|^certificate ca 01|

Unfortunately the last part "quit}|^certificate ca 01|" is cut off, I guess there is not enough space left for the application.

Could you extend it there?

Kind Regards,