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Ability to Queue Activities

My apologies if this feature exists, but if it does I do not know how to do it and I have not found a context menu option where I would intuitively expect to find one.

We run several different activities, most on schedule, and some activities we run in ad hoc fashion whether reguarly scheduled or ad-hoc-only.

Some activities have the prior completion of other activities as dependencies, and right now I would like to be able to:

  1. stop the timer
  2. run "activity1"
  3. queue "activity2" to run right after "activity1" completes
  4. queue "activity3" to run right after "activity2" completes
  5. etc.

This would be much better than waiting for "activity1" to complete, remembering to come back CatTools to run "activity2", waiting for "activity2" to complete, and so on.

Intuitively I would expect to be able to right-click on an activity while another is running and "add to run queue" or something similar. If the queue functionality already exists then my feature request would be to add a context menu (right-click) option to activities that allows them to be added to a queue while others are running.

It would also be very useful to have an option for the timer to start again at the completion of the queued activities. Then it wouldn't be necessary to remember to go back to CatTools to manually re-enable the timer after the queued activities had finished running. Being able to close the CatTools console completely after queueing all of the activities and having CatTools automatically start the timer once the queued activities were finished running would be ideal.

  • This has been open for quite some time. Can someone from SolarWinds please weigh in on this? There are CatTools reports such as the cross reference report using ARP, MAC Address, and Port Info that can be run, but such reports reasonably rely on the separate ARP, MAC Address, and Port Info reports to having been run first. It makes sense to queue these reports so that the cross reference report runs after the others. Some of our ARP, MAC Address, and Port Info reports take a long time to run, so being able to queue them all up instead of waiting for each step to complete would be a very helpful.

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    FormerMember over 7 years ago

    Do we get updated on items like this?  I'd be very interested in something like it. or a similar option where you can run a master scripts which in turn runs several activity scripts in order?