TFTP Backup for Nexus NXOS switches


I'm using an out of date version of CatTools which doesn't support TFTP backups for NXOS in the canned function: 
Device.Backup.TFTP Activity Type. 

This is due to the command sequence of the Activity template, which is out of my control. After issuing the command in the activity:
copy running-configuration tftp: 
the NXOS prompts for a file name, but the Activity provides an IP address. The NXOS sequence is not the same as the Catalyst IOS sequence (for instance). 

The release notes of CatTools just say, "Kiwi CatTools x.y.z offers new features and improvements compared to previous versions of Kiwi CatTools." 

My question is, does anyone know at what version this Activity supports NXOS, if at all?