Using CATTools to compare golden config to running config

Hello. I am new to solarwinds, but I tried working with tech Support and they arent very helpful. Im looking to create a custom activity that compares a golden config (for a specific router) to a router's running config. I am not a script genius whatsoever, so I am trying to fumble my way through this as best as possible. Once I reach the main function on a "Main.Custom.Compare.Golden.Config.txt" file in "scripts" directory, I am instantly lost. I dont know the first thing about coding. So with that said, maybe someone on here already has a custom activity I can "plagiarize". All, Im looking to do is have an activity pull a running config from a router, compare it to a static config (saved somewhere on the server C: drive) and if there is a difference, email an HTML file as an attachment (very similar to the backup.running.config "canned" activity already in place on CATTools. Any help would be greatly appreciated.