CatTools Not Connecting to Cisco 3850 iOS

Prior to my iOS upgrade on my 3850's CatTools was working grate and backing up running configs every night.

Now that we upgraded to 16.9.4 when the backup runs from CatTools it errors out with the following message.

Failed to connect to Reason: No response from remote host. Will try again.

I can ping this address from the server running CatTools using CMD and get replies in 1ms.

If I try to ping the same device in CatTools in the device taps it will get no response first time but it you click the ping button again you will start getting a response each time you click the button. The responses usually start at like 9000ms then drop each time you click the button.

If I create an activity to test ping it shows 100% success with an average response of 15ms.

Any help with understanding why it will no longer backup the configs after the iOS upgrade to 16.9.4 would be great.