Activity Report.Version table fails with APC AP9630 UPS Network Management Card 2


The Activity Report.Version table fails with the new APC UPS Network Management Card 2 model AP9630 (AOS 5.x). The error is Failed to determine device prompt anchor point - Most likely reason is timeout. The reason is clear: APC has changed the telnet interface of the management card COMPLETELY. It's not a 1 2 3 4 menu, but now it uses commands. For example:

User Name : admin
Password  : *****

American Power Conversion               Network Management Card AOS      v5.0.3
(c) Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved  Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP       v5.0.3
Name      : UPS01                                 Date : 02.03.2010
Contact   : -                                         Time : 11:53:39
Location  : SOMEWHERE                                     User : Administrator
Up Time   : 11 Days 2 Hours 39 Minutes                Stat : P+ N+ A+

E000: Success
Name:     UPS01
Contact:  -
DateTime: 02.03.2010:11:53:43
User:     Administrator
Up Time:  11 Days 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Stat:     P+ N+ A+
Bootmon:  bootmon:v1.0.0
AOS:      aos:v5.0.3
App:      sumx:v5.0.3


Network Management Card Commands:
?           about       alarmcount  boot        cd          date
delete      dir         eventlog    exit        format      ftp
help        ping        portspeed   prompt      quit        radius
reboot      resetToDef  system      tcpip       user        web
xferINI     xferStatus

Device Commands:

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