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Issue backing up Nexus 5000

Hi all,


I'm implementing Cattools for a client to show the value in it (so they'll buy it).

I can't get it to log into their Nexus 5010 switches (2).

No matter what i do, the authentication ALWAYS fails, however i can log into the switches using putty with the same cred's.

Any ideas? Here are some debug's:

  • Having similar problems with 2 Nexus 5596 and CatTools v3.7 - unable to login to devices or take backup. Have tried Login as: and still no luck.. Created new device on the off chance that that there was a typo but still the same. Using SSH2 as protocol with credentials of ssh username + ssh password.

  • If the workaround above isn't working for you, I'd recommend opening a ticket with support so we can get some diagnostics from you to look into the issue in more detail.



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