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What do I need to do to get a connection to my Cisco WLC 4400?

I cannot get CatTools to connect to my Cisco WLC 4400.  I guess that I am not sure where I need to put the administrator username and password.  Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Ryan,

    On the device set up on the passwords tab put them in the AAA Username and AAA Passwords fields. Also ensure you ticked the 'initial login requires username and password tab'.

  • I just tried that and I get a Failed to Connect error.  When i try to telnet to the WLAN Controller it fails also.  However I can telnet to other switches without issue but when i try to telnet to it from that particular server i cannot connect to it.  I can get to others withing the software and throught telnet just fine.  There is not even anti-virus or a firewall on this server.  Any ideas? 

  • Hi,

    The telnet button from within CatTools will use your default telnet client. If you are having issues connecting using this then it would suggest that the issue is outside of CatTools.