alerts and on-call rotation

How do I configure alerts/actions to easily change SMS alerts from one user to another?  I need a way to change who gets SMS alerts from ipMon based on who is on call for all monitors/groups.

  • I cant think of a way to do this in solarwinds but you could leverage a google voice account for it.

  • Thanks for the reply.  Google voice isn't an option though.

    The Media House version of ipMon circa 2000 has this ability.  Change a couple check boxes and the next person starts receiving the alerts.

    No one is using ipMon who participates in an on-call rotation?

  • I ended up writing a custom postfix setup that reads the on-call info from an iCal database.  IPMonitor is set to always email to, and my postfix relay sends anything inbound to two addresses - our helpdesk / ticket system and the on-call engineer.

    it wasn't pretty getting there, but it works.  the only problem is if/when the postfix relay goes down, it can't page out, so for this particular monitor, I have direct-to-carrier SMS messages going out.

    I'd share the code, but it's very quick and very dirty and very much geared towards our environment, so I hope the description helps at the very least.  I looked for a commercial / OS solution before rolling my own and didn't find one.

    Incidentally, we use this same system for Orion NPM, too, since that doesn't have the concept of "on-call" either.

  • not sure on sms alerts but i assume it is the same for any kind of alert.

    we have an alert with 3 actions.  each action is assigned based on the calendar option of day/time.  1st shift gets alert mon-friday 8am-5pm, etc.  works great for us.  we use it for email based alerts but it should be the same no matter which function you select.


    for on call we have a 4th action with a general oncall email.  this way we don't need to constantly change the oncall information all the time depending on who is oncall.  the oncall person is responsible for viewing the general email during their time.  you can use a specific subject line also and have the end user filter for that during off hours on certain days/times if you want also.  most bb, email clients have this ability.  similar to a rule box.

  • Here's how I solved this issue:

    Created an alert, configured with 4 actions. 

    One action is an email to a functional mailbox.  The other three actions are SMS Pager.  All three SMS Pager actions are available 24 hours a day.

    The alert range for the individual on call is configured as 1-

    The alert range for the other two individuals is configured as 0

    0 tells the action to never trigger.  1- tells the action to always trigger.